Case Study Activities

Put your diagnostic skills to the test with case studies that feature simulated patient actors displaying the behaviors and language related to specific mental health disorders. Ideal for mental health professionals, educators, or health profession students who wish to sharpen their skills, but have a shorter timespan to do so. Case studies include autism spectrum disorders, bipolar I disorders, and more – but you’ll have to watch the case studies to see if you can identify them. Each activity includes a post-test with DSM-5-TR guided rationales that allow you to understand the process behind each correct and incorrect answer choice.

I would recommend these case studies for multiple settings: a health professional wishing to sharpen their assessment skills or a professor showing the videos and engaging their students in conversation regarding the post-test. Using these case studies as a teaching tool would be a creative way to blend together didactic and hands-on content.

Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA, APRN,
Assistant Clinical Professor and Simulation Lab Coordinator,
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Nurse Anesthesia Program