Online CE Courses & Video Patient Simulations

  • Get access to over 600 video patient simulations of case studies and assessment tools
  • Symptom Media’s unique Video Case Studies:
    • Reinforce symptom recognition for proper diagnosing;
    • Improve clinical competency and assessment skill;
    • Enhance training programs;
    • and much more.
  • ACCME & ANCC accredited CE Courses offer nurses, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and other health care professionals courses built around Symptom Media’s Video Case Studies
  • Symptom Media’s courses feature video case studies with subject expert analysis, otherwise known as the “director’s cut.”
  • Symptom Media’s director’s cut:
    • Highlights symptoms observed within video case studies;
    • Dissects verbal and non-verbal cues;
    • Breaks down interview and intervention techniques employed;
    • Discusses outcomes and treatment options;
    • and more.

Who Uses Symptom Media

Who Uses Symptom Media

CE Courses & Video Case Studies Include

Personality Disorders

Histrionic Definition


University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work

We use Symptom Media in our online DSM course…  The videos are authentic and current; Symptom Media is affordable, easy to use & a great supplement that enhances the curriculum.

Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth

Symptom Media’s training titles can be used to enrich our understanding in all sectors of society including law enforcement, local and state governments, military, court system and the community at large.

I took the CE Course Neurocognitive Disorder – Alzheimer’s Disease. It is excellent.  One of the striking learning points for me was the vivid characterization that your actor had for a patient with advanced Alzheimer’s. I can still see her in my mind over 2 weeks later.  That has been one of the main benefits and goals for incorporating video learning, is its ability to help with knowledge retention and recall.  Thank you.

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