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Stimulant Use Disorder, Severe, Cocaine

Stimulant Use Disorder, Severe, Cocaine

Lisa arrives at the emergency room because her addiction issues with cocaine (crack cocaine) have gotten out of control. In the past year, Lisa lost everything including her business and home.

This training title highlights the major symptoms of Stimulant Use Disorder, severe type, cocaine. Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder include: cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms indicating that the individual continues using a substance despite significant substance-related problems.

Symptoms due to brain circuit changes extend beyond detoxification, especially in “severe use” instances. Behavioral changes may be seen with repeated relapses and intense substance craving.

One, individuals may take substances in larger amounts and/or over a longer period of time than originally intended. Two, individuals may persistently desire to cut down or regulate substance use and have multiple unsuccessful efforts of decreasing or stopping substance use. Three, individuals may spend large amounts of time and energy in obtaining substances or recovering from periods of substance use.

In very severe cases, individuals may spend almost all of their daily wake hours related to obtaining, using, or recovering from use of substances. Cravings are usually more intense when individuals are cued by being in environments or situations that are similar to previous times of substance use.

Substance use causes social impairment such as failures to fulfill major roles at work, school, or home and individuals may continue to use despite persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems related to substance use. Important social, occupational, or recreational activities may be given up or reduced due to substance use and individuals may withdraw form family activities and hobbies in order to use substances.

Individuals may continue to use despite physical dangers. Physiological tolerance (requiring increased amounts of substance to achieve intoxication or desired effects or having diminished effects with continued use of same doses) and withdrawal (physical symptoms developing as substances decrease and are metabolized and excreted) are often present.

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