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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

In this video simulation of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Daniel talks to Dr. Lindsey about school, friends, and interest in Legos.  When Dr. Lindsey questions Daniel how he currently feels, Daniel replies that he is “mad” because kids are mean.

As the interview progresses, we learn of an incident at school.  Another classmate was bullying Daniel, leading Daniel to have an outburst in class.

Throughout the interview, Daniel displays symptoms characteristic of Autism Spectrum Disorder such as making little eye contact, engaging in self-stimulatory behavior, and struggling to answer more open-ended or abstract questions.  Furthermore, he speaks in a pressured manner and often provides answers that feel scripted, also typically found in Austin Spectrum Disorder.

Later, Dr. Lindsey asks Daniel about a toy he brought.  This leads Daniel to become more visibly engaged and we learn Daniel is passionate about trains.

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