Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals

Properly trained clinicians can identify the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental illness and are able to treat or refer patients appropriately. Timely care is important, but timely care is not always possible if individuals are hesitant to reach out to professionals due to shame or stigma. With online CE courses for psychology, Symptom Media will help clinicians stay up to date on mental health issues, reduce stigma through broadly available online education, and provide toolsets for health and allied care professionals to understand best-practice care.

Risk Factors of Mental Health In The United States and Canada

Understanding and addressing mental health risk factors and suicide risk is critically important. It can be helpful for professionals to take continuing education programs in psychology topics. Common risk factors for mental illness include:

  • Sudden loss
  • Death of a loved one
  • Societal stigma and pressure
  • Financial stressors
  • Abuse

Suicide is not uncommon in the mentally ill, though its prevalence in the mentally ill varies considerably by disease and personal circumstances. Suicide can run in families, and the cause of this is multifactorial—genetic risk for depression is a factor, but it can also be a leaned behavior. Stemming the tide by reducing suicide risk can positively impact families for generations. Professionals who have completed continuing education healthcare courses on mental health issues may be better armed to assess and address this risk.

Some Key Statistics

  • Over 45% of people in the US can expect to experience a mental health crisis in their lifetime.
  • Over 43.8 million people experience mental illness each year across the globe.
  • Some mental illnesses begin in childhood and many are chronic or even life-long illnesses.

Ways In Which Continuing Education Courses Are Useful

  • CE courses for healthcare professionals will enable them to identify and manage symptoms.
  • Learn techniques for effective communication and interviews.
  • Clinical vignettes showcase various illnesses and approaches.

Symptom Media Provides Effective Continuing Education Online

Healthcare professionals can stay up to date with current mental health treatments. From Assessment Tools CE Courses to Adjustment Disorder CE Courses, our team of experts have developed an efficient and effective program of various psychology continuing education courses. With these courses, you can feel better equipped to help patients in need of mental health care and to be better able to identify persistent mental health problems. Check out our extensive film library and view some of our demos. We provide a range of pricing options for individuals and organizations. Contact us if you have any questions.

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