Write an Assessment

Assign students to select a DSM-5-TR or ICD Visual Case Scenario such as Symptom Media’s DSM-5-TR First Responder film about a police officer who didn’t pick up the signs of suicide and have them write an Assessment of the patient. Since the average length of the video is between 5 and 15 minutes, a student is able to view the video multiple times and practice their analytical, observational and assessment skills.

Write an Assessment on the following Case Scenario:

Jessica, a police officer, did not recognize the signs of suicide for a call she responded to. She feels immense guilt as a result of the person committing suicide and has anger “outbursts” directed at fellow police officers, her partner, and herself.

Sample Assessment

Instructors have students fill out an Assessment such as this one as a homework assignment.

CONFIDENTIAL: Psychological Evaluation

Date of Birth:
Testing Dates:

Reason for Referral:

Background Information:




Behavioral Observations:

Assessment Results & Impressions:

Cognitive Functioning:

Verbal Abilities:

Memory Skills:


Nonverbal Abilities:

Processing Speed:


Summary & Recommendations:

DSM-5-TR Diagnosis: