Undergraduate Education Utility

Psychology 101 students review videos such as anxiety disorders as a macro “touch point” to better understand a particular topic.

Professors write their own descriptions based on their course objectives and diagnostic focus or interest. Professors assign students DSM-5-TR Guided to accompany course reading.

Professors lecture on certain symptoms, and use the corresponding video as a visual anchor and basis for course discussion. The professor wraps their own curriculum around the video.

Symptom Media has been extremely useful in my course. The clips bring life to diagnostic categories which in turn helps students better understand what various symptoms could look like.

Shawn Patrick, Ed.D, NCC, LPC
Associate Professor
Professional Counseling Program
Texas State University

Many students are reading the material/lecture/DSM-5-TR symptoms and then watching the corresponding video in the Symptom Media training library to visually see what the symptom they just read about looks like, thereby finding that retention and understanding is much higher.