Suicide Assessment Series

Suicide Assessment A-1

Suicide Assessment A-1 (Scenario 25) Dan is a High School student who suffers from bullying. He admits to having suicidal thoughts. He imagines killing himself in public places so that the bullies can see “what they did to him.” He reports he picked out specific locations and times for killing people. When he is pressed for further details, Dan describes details for a plan he created to hang himself in the school cafeteria at night time. Dan reports he acted as far with his plans as breaking into his school and creating a noose. He reports he became too frightened to complete the suicidal act.

Suicide Assessment A-2

Suicide Assessment A-2 (Scenario 25) In this second suicide assessment, Dan shares that he has considered various locations to kill himself and admits to having access to guns in his home. Despite having thoughts of suicide, Dan has never acted on those thoughts.

Suicide Assessment A-3

Suicide Assessment A-3 (Scenario 5) Carl denies suicidal thoughts but reports that he occasionally has thoughts of hurting himself. He denies that he has acted on his suicidal thoughts but reports he had a cousin who died by suicide.

Suicide Assessment A-4

Suicide Assessment A-4 (Scenario 3) Amanda is a nurse who describes having suicidal thoughts. She reports that she had at least one instance of attempting to overdose on prescription medication. She reports she stopped herself after she thought about her children. Amanda reports she stole various prescription drugs from work and then mixed those drugs to create a “cocktail” to kill herself. She reports that recently she has been thinking about killing herself but that she is conflicted when she thinks about how her family and children depend on her. Amanda reports that frequently she is incapable of relating to other people and that she is unable to feel the happiness that she observes other people experiencing.

Suicide Assessment A-5

Suicide Assessment A-5 (Scenario 34) Vanessa is a teenager who has thoughts about killing herself. She denies that she has actual plans to follow through with committing suicide. Vanessa demonstrates a nearly flat affect. Her answers to questions are conflicting; she reports that she does not have specific plans to commit suicide but later answers: “yes” to a question about planning a specific time to kill herself.