Substance Use Assessment Series 2

Substance Use Assessment A-6


Mike is often vague or evasive with his answers, but says he likes to go out on weekends. When asked about the frequency of his use of alcohol he claims he becomes intoxicated several times during the course of a week but does not drink to the point of blacking out. During the interview he appears increasingly uncomfortable and belligerent, and challenges the interviewer on the necessity of his having to be involved with a substance use assessment. He explains that his mother went through drug rehabilitation and therefore he does not use any sort of drugs beyond marijuana.

Substance Use Assessment A-7


Joe only takes medications prescribed by his doctor. Those prescriptions include Oxycontin and Ambien. He insists that he is very careful to take only the dosage listed on the bottle. When pressed about specific dosage use, he provides vague and often contradictory answers. He cannot recall the last time he blacked out due to substance use and although he reports he often feels dizzy, he does not feel his dizziness is connected to use of medications. Joe admits that in the past he abused substances and that abuse led to conflicts that included a period of incarceration. He admits that his substance use has impacted his relationships and personal life.

Substance Use Assessment A-8


Lisa reports that she is not a big consumer of alcohol, drinking perhaps one or two glasses a week. Due to a recent tragic incident at her hospital, however, Lisa has currently received a prescription for several anti-anxiety and sleep medications. She reports that she regulates her dosage and that fellow nurses and hospital staff members are aware of her using the medications.

Substance Use Assessment A-9


Laura reports she is a typical college student who attends parties and social functions on the weekends, drinking an amount of alcohol consistent with her peers. Her first introduction to alcohol occurred when she was in her early teens and her mother served her a drink at a holiday party. As far as other prescription medications or drugs, Laura insists she does not partake. She reports that she did try marijuana but because of the resultant unpleasant experience she has not used again. Laura insists her substance of preference is caffeine, which she drinks several times a day. She says she suffers from chronic anxiety but does not feel her anxiety is associated with her caffeine consumption.

Substance Use Assessment A-10


Professor Corday says he is now clean of his former addiction. He feels he is in control and regrets the harm he caused to his family, including to his ex-wife. While he was under the influence of his addiction he admits to unlawful behavior. Presently, after enrolling in a therapy group, he reports he feels a distinctly improved difference in his attitude and lifestyle.

Substance Use Assessment A-11


Professor Corday admits to use of cocaine and admits that today he took several speed tablets. He also drank several glasses of whiskeys when he took the amphetamine pills. He makes little eye contact and his voice low makes him difficult to be heard. He admits that in the past his substances use was more severe, elaborating that he would drink and use cocaine two or three times in a day. He reports he saw a therapist and tried to stop using substances, managing to stay clean for several months. He reports that a few days ago he began using again with the result that he lost his job, lost friends, and feels he reached his low point.