Substance Use Assessment Tools Series

Substance Use Assessment A-1

Substance Use Assessment A-1In this substance use assessment tool, upon questioning, Chris admits to having had suicidal thoughts as a result of his addiction to Heroin. In his answers, we learn that he has been using since he was a child and became homeless after his parents kicked him out of their home. He was recently released from prison, having been incarcerated for stealing in order to pay for his drug use. After relapsing and nearly overdosing, he would like to receive help.

Substance Use Assessment A-2

Substance Use Assessment A-2 Upon questioning, Lisa describes her addiction to crack cocaine and her difficulty in accepting treatment. Her drug use has led to traumatic sexual experiences and dramatic changes in her personal life. Even the thought of her own daughter living with a friend failed to motivate Lisa to stop using. In addition, Lisa lost her business and her boyfriend, a boyfriend who introduced her to cocaine and stole her life savings.

Substance Use Assessment A-3

Assessment Upon questioning, Shane, a teenager, describes his casual relationship to several substances including alcohol and marijuana. Shane also admits to trying other drugs such as ecstasy. Despite using daily, he does not feel he is addicted and finds no reason to stop his drug use. The absence of his parents and his living in an unstable home reveal a lack of structure and support in his life.

Substance Use Assessment A-4

Substance Use Assessment Tools Upon questioning, Mike discusses his use of alcohol and his prescription medication: Dexedrine. He insists he follows the dose of Dexedrine prescribed by his physician and does not drink to excess on a regular basis. Sometimes his schoolwork has suffered from his use of alcohol but he reports those were isolated instances or special occasions. He does not believe he needs to stop drinking alcohol, since he does not consider his use to be consistent with addiction.

Substance Use Assessment A-5

Substance Use A-5 Laura is a college student who took Dexedrine in the past to treat her ADHD. She recently stopped taking Dexedrine. She professes she does not drink alcohol to excess since she is a “lightweight.” Upon questioning, Laura discusses her occasional need to take Oxycotin for treating back pain. Overall, she feels she is careful and does not abuse any substances and does not have anyone in her family who suffered from substance-use issues.