Sleep Assessment Tool Series 1

Sleep Assessment A-1

In this sleep assessment tool, pleasant about being interviewed, Karen demonstrates mid-sleep waking and difficulty staying asleep, attributing this to disturbances from her adolescent son’s “reverse sleep pattern.” Once she stated this, she rambled about her son, but was easily redirected. Karen seems to suffer from situational sleep problems related to: her son’s misbehaviors, separation from her husband, and hints at possible disturbances from menopausal heat symptoms.

Sleep Assessment A-2

No matter how tired Susan feels, she “just can’t sleep.” With low energy and a markedly depressed affect, Susan demonstrates how depression interferes with sleep. She describes marked sleep problems with early waking, not having deep sleep, inadequate amount of sleep, difficulty going to sleep, restlessness, racing mind, difficulty staying asleep, and never feeling rested or refreshed upon waking. She reports that she needs the television playing to be able to sleep and suggests that this contributes to relationship problems. Susan tried herbal teas, homeopathic sleep aids, and alcohol to help. She reports that alcohol helps her to go to sleep but then she wakes two hours later feeling worse. Susan believes that her antidepressant medications and her worrying may both interfere with her sleep. During the daytime, she has experienced nodding off, including while she is driving.

Sleep Assessment A-3

sleep assessment toolMrs. Bennett claims she does not have sleeping related issues and in fact does not need much sleep. Since her husband passed away, she moved into a converted garage apartment. Mrs. Bennett is a bit vague at times, rambling and giving short answers. Her answers are often accurate compared to other aging patients. She is a bit guarded about being interviewed, but expresses fairly normal sleep behaviors.

Sleep Assessment A-4

sleep assessment tool

Mrs. Goodwin provides a third-party report: a mother answering the interviewer’s questions on behalf of her child. Throughout her report, we learn that Mrs. Goodwin’s daughter currently has no problems with her sleep, even though she has current anxiety about her going to school.