Bipolar II

Scott, a male chef working for a family of 2 adults and 4 children was brought into the hospital by his boyfriend after exhibiting hypomania, intrusive behavior, a lack in judgment, and excessive high energy. For the past few days, the family that employed Scott noticed that Scott would occasionally forget to completely set the table, began adding excessive spice in the food.  When questioned about the inedible food, Scott stated that life is better when it is “spicy”.  Scott refused to take a break between meals because he did not think that he needed to stop and did not want to “lose inspiration.   In the kitchen, Scott was described as walking back and forth in the opening and closing drawers and cabinet doors. He talked to everyone that walked, more talkative than normal, and his speech was faster than usual.  During the last meal he cooked for the family, Scott’s boyfriend recounts that the parents were talking to their kids about a personal matter when Scott entered into the conversation and subsequently ate off the children’s plates to taste the sauce he had prepared.  The parents subsequently informed Scott’s boyfriend to remove him from their home.