Play without Sound to Analyze Non-Verbals

There are many ways to use Symptom Media’s films and it all comes down to how and in what context you decide to view, analyze and discuss. The above film is an example of a professor using a Symptom Media PTSD diagnosed film to study eye contact, body movements, shrugs, sighs, and other clues that can help lead to a better understanding of the symptoms presented. By playing multiple times, the instructor can begin to focus on the individual layers that compose a complete diagnosis. When removing the sound from the film, students are forced to closely examine the other, sometimes more subtle, indicators in a patient.

Sample Questions to Analyze and Discuss

  • What did we, like the clinician, observe?
  • What do we notice about the patient’s eye contact?
  • What are the non-verbal clues that signal a possible PTSD diagnosis?