Adolescent Depression

Natalie exhibits a flat, nearly blank expression, makes poor eye contact and often seems on the verge of tears.  Natalie is here because she told her dad that she’s had thoughts of suicide since the seventh grade, including hanging herself in the closet and taking an overdose of pills.  In the past, Natalie has attempted to kill herself several times, such as with wrapping a wifi cord around her neck and tightening into a noose, but stopped herself.  Natalie feels sorry she is causing so many problems.  She admits having depression and that her mind is consumed by bad thoughts that sometimes occur so fast that she can’t sleep.  These bad thoughts include thinking people don’t like her or that her parents aren’t happy because of her.  Natalie feels worthless because she doesn’t have any friends or participate in any social activities yet she only wants to stay at home by herself.  In addition, Natalie’s brother recently moved home after dropping out of college.  Natalie’s brother yells at her and has physically hurt her once.  Her mother doesn’t do anything to help and her father is never around or when he is, he’s drunk and fighting with her mother.