Mrs. Warren, Rule/Out Schizophrenia demonstrating negative symptoms, Part 1

A middle-aged woman has one several symptoms often seen in schizophrenia that of negative symptoms of marked restricted movement, a very flat and non-responsive affect, concrete answers, and being slow to answer. She does not have the positive symptoms of schizophrenia such as delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech or behavior that would confirm a diagnosis of schizophrenia. It could be that she is just now developing symptoms of schizophrenia or that she has been treated with anti-psychotic medications that counteracted her positive symptoms of schizophrenia. Further history or examination may reveal that she does or has met criteria for schizophrenia.

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OFF CAMERA: [00:00:30] Hello are you Mrs. Warren.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:37] Can you say your full name for me.

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:44] Jane.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:49] Mrs. Jane.

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:53] Warren.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:53] How are you today Mrs. Warren?

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:58] Okay.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:01] Can you tell me what you’ve been doing today?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:08] We had breakfast.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:14] What did you have for breakfast?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:19] Milk.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:23] Anything else?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:27] No. Is that wrong.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:33] No that’s fine. That’s fine.

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:42] My aunt has glasses like those.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:46] Your aunt wears glasses like the glasses I’m wearing?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:51] Hu-huh.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:51] You wear glasses?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:56] I look through glass.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:58] What glass do you look through?

MRS. WARREN: [00:02:04] My window.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:09] I would like to ask you some questions to see how your memory is doing is that OK with you.

MRS. WARREN: [00:02:17] Uh huh.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:18] Have you ever heard the proverb people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

MRS. WARREN: [00:02:27] No.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:28] Well can you think about that saying for a moment and tell me why you think that saying means.

MRS. WARREN: [00:02:38] People may get mad.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:41] What do you mean?

MRS. WARREN: [00:02:49] You threw something. Is that wrong?

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:54] No that’s fine.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:58] Can you tell me what you would do if you were sitting in a movie theater and you smelled smoke?

MRS. WARREN: [00:03:07] A fire?

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:07] That’s right a fire in the theater.

MRS. WARREN: [00:03:14] Step on it and put it out.

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:17] What would you do if you couldn’t find the fire just smell the smoke?

MRS. WARREN: [00:03:28] Then I couldn’t find it. Is that wrong?

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:37] Well if you thought there was a fire in the theater it would be good to leave that theater and ask the other people to leave, too.

MRS. WARREN: [00:03:48] Oh yeah, that’s a good. I like watching fires.