Mr. Smith

Dementia, Suspect Vascular

Mr. Smith is an 80 year old male living with his son and daughter in-law after having a stroke (no residual).  Mr. Smith’s recent memory is impaired and shows a decline in cognition with signs of extreme loss in recent memory and loss of spatial perception.  At the beginning of the interview, the patient misses the table when attempting to place a bottle of water down.  Prior to the interview, Mr. Smith had become upset and went for a walk around the block as he has done for years but this time, as the interviewer reminds Mr. Smith, he did not come back home.  Mr. Smith’s son and daughter-in-law searched for him but it a neighbor driving back home that saw him lost and brought him back.  Despite being miles away from home, Mr. Smith denies any problem, stating that he was simply out for a walk.  He cannot remember where he was and cannot remember any other details about the incident.