Mr. Smith, Catatonia Associated with Schizophrenia, Part 5

On a later day, the same man is sitting, making another strange gesture, almost as if conducting music while staring straight ahead. He cannot answer what he is doing and cannot follow a command to stop the movement. The interviewer is able to gently stop his movement without resistance. After a moment, the man becomes agitated, grimacing and groaning as if disturbed. Again, he makes no eye contact.

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OFF CAMERA: [00:00:47] You’re moving tOday Mr. Smith. That is great.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:55] It’s like you’re conducting music.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:01] Can you stop making that movement?

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:08] Mr. Smith can you stop moving?

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:13] OK. Well let me let me help you. OK. Good. Just put your arm back. Oh good. That was very relaxed. Nice.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:23] Is something wrong.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:31] Mr. Smith you look like you’re uncomfortable that something’s not right. Something’s wrong?

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:39] Mr. Smith. Can you calm? Mr. Smith.