Loss and Grief Assessment Series 2

Loss and Grief Assessment A-6 (Loss of a Friend due to Suicide)


Julia is a teenager who recently lost her friend Emily to suicide. Julia describes Emily as a person who was: “the bestest person you could ever ask to be in your life.” Since Emily’s death, Julia feels she is only half a person. She wishes she could have told Emily how much their friendship meant.

Loss and Grief Assessment A-7 (Loss of Identity Post Military Career)


Since Rob retired from the military, he feels that he is no longer needed and that he lost his identity. Rob describes a recurring sense of emptiness, moments of confusion, lack of direction, and guilt for having retired while his soldiers continue to serve in Afghanistan. In an attempt to cope, Rob exercises more often and tries to find other activities for which he can feel useful.

Loss and Grief Assessment A-8 (Loss of Daughter due to Overdose)


Susan reports that she does not understand why her daughter Katie took a lethal dose of Susan’s sleeping pills. Susan reports that she not only lost her daughter, but she lost her chance to be a parent. She reports she feels overwhelmed with guilt. Susan returned to work to help cope with her loss, but reports continued difficulty sleeping. Sussan avoids taking the sleeping pills her daughter used to overdose.

Loss and Grief Assessment A-9 Loss of Daughter due to Addiction)


Lisa is currently being treated for addiction to crack-cocaine. Lisa’s daughter was “taken away” by social services. Lisa is visibly upset and describes feeling like she is living in her own play, meaning she is angry at the present circumstance but has to pretend that everything is fine. Lisa claims that she is trying everything she can to get her daughter returned home. Lisa lacks insight, insisting that she did nothing wrong to warrant social services taking her daughter.

Loss and Grief Assessment A-10 (Loss of Friend during Military Combat / Service


While on a routine patrol in Afghanistan, Jason and a fellow soldier, Josh, were ambushed by the Taliban. After Josh was fatally wounded, the two sheltered in a village house. While under enemy fire, Josh insisted that Jason fulfill a pact that the two of them made to never allow one another to be taken alive by the enemy. Since taking his friend’s life, Jason has been unable to sleep, experiencing guilt for having: “killed my “brother.”