4.5 Video Case Study Trauma-Related Guilt among Survivors of Sexual Assault via Telehealth, Additional Considerations

Video Case Study, Additional Considerations

  • Although Melanie will only have 1 session of therapy per week, CPT is an evidence-based protocol that requires daily homework and is therefore a significant time commitment. It is important for the provider to clearly and transparently communicate this to Melanie to ensure she is willing and able to fully engage in the treatment.


  • Because Melanie reports believing that her distorted cognitions are 100% true, it is possible Melanie may display resistance during treatment when she is being asked to objectively analyze these beliefs. Her resistance may present as irritability and anger towards the provider.


  • Evidence-based treatments for PTSD have high dropout rates due to the proactive (i.e., non-avoidant) approach to processing trauma. It is important for the provider to check-in with Melanie throughout treatment about how she is feeling/viewing the progression of her recovery.