4.2 Teletherapy Video Case Study Key Takeaways…

Video Case Study Key Takeaways…

  • This is Ciara’s first session with the provider, so there is no pre-established rapport or therapeutic relationship.
  • Several technology issues occur repeatedly throughout the session, including:
    • Audio issues that muted Ciara while she was talking, making it difficult for the provider to hear her.
    • Visual issues that cut out Ciara’s camera feed so that the provider could not see her.
  • Ciara exhibits increased frustration as the technology issues continue, especially when the provider asks Ciara to repeat herself because she was unable to hear her.
  • Due to the continued technology issues, the provider correctly does the following:
    • Validates Ciara’s frustration and apologizes for the technology issues. She does not put the responsibility on Ciara to solve the issue.
    • After multiple issues within a short period of time, she asks Ciara if she is comfortable completing the remainder of the session via phone. Because this is their first session, the provider made the right decision to continue the session via phone as opposed to spending more time in the session trying to troubleshoot the issue.