2.1 Screening Pre-Verbal/Pre-School Children for Abuse

Screening Pre-Verbal/Pre-School Children for Abuse

  • For children who are unable to verbalize, it is important to take notice of signs and symptoms of abuse.
  1. Behavioral clues:
    • Examples include: excessive crying or developmental delay; clinging; bed wetting; regressive behavior for age; seems afraid of parent; destroys/injures objects or pets; phobias; nightmares.
  2. Symptom clues:
    • Examples include: gastrointestinal issues/pain; vague somatic complains; abnormal weight loss/gain; reluctance to use an extremity; difficulty walking or sitting.
  3. Physical clues:
    • Examples include: poor hygiene; dressed inappropriately for weather; bruising; traumatic hair loss; oral/dental injuries.
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