Homicide Assessment A-2

Christian smiles and appears amused as he answers questions about violence.  He is a victim of bullying at school and he he openly discusses his thoughts about killing and harming other people.  He has chosen a time, place, and means to kill people. He reports that he once broke the arm of a child who teased him. Christian reports that he has access to a friend’s guns. He also reports that he likes to relieve his anger by breaking or shooting objects.

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[OFF CAMERA]: How satisfied are you with your life?

[CHRISTIAN]: I feel pretty good.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you sometimes feel everything is bad, and nothing good is going to happen?

[CHRISTIAN]: Sometimes.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you sometimes have thoughts that life is not worth living?

[CHRISTIAN]: You mean, like suicide?

[OFF CAMERA]: Mm-hm, could be. Or just not worth living.

[CHRISTIAN]: No, I’m fine.

[OFF CAMERA]: How impulsive are you, and how easily do you lose your temper, become enraged?

[CHRISTIAN]: Pretty mellow.

[OFF CAMERA]: When you are angry, how likely are you to take action, such as destroying property, or becoming physically violent?

[CHRISTIAN]: It’s hard to tell. I don’t know what I could do.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you sometimes feel people are out to get you, to harm you?

[CHRISTIAN]: Think it’s… No.

[OFF CAMERA]: Have you had experiences with people bullying you?

[CHRISTIAN]: Yes, I have.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you sometimes have thoughts of harming other people? Not killing them, but just harming them. Like hitting, cutting, burning.


[OFF CAMERA]: Do you sometimes have thoughts about killing a specific person or people?


[OFF CAMERA]: Do you sometimes have thoughts about killing random people?


[OFF CAMERA]: Have you ever thought about a place to kill someone?

[CHRISTIAN]: I have thought about it, but not anything really specific.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you think you’d pick a location, I know you said it’s not specific, but a location where somebody would probably stop you, or not stop you?

[CHRISTIAN]: Most likely the place where nobody would stop me.

[OFF CAMERA]: Have you ever thought about a time to kill someone?

[CHRISTIAN]: I guess afternoon, night.

[OFF CAMERA]: Have you ever thought about the means of how you would kill someone?


[OFF CAMERA]: And what would that be?

[CHRISTIAN]: Anything. Could be blunt, could be sharp. Could be a gun.

[OFF CAMERA]: So, do you think the means you are picking is pretty lethal, or not?

[CHRISTIAN]: Yeah, they’re lethal.

[OFF CAMERA]: And do you have access to those weapons? Or, implements?

[CHRISTIAN]: Some of them.

[OFF CAMERA]: Did you ever start to kill someone and then changed your mind?

[CHRISTIAN]: No. I’ve thought about killing people. But, no. Never, no.

[OFF CAMERA]: What values or ideals do you have that would prevent you from killing someone?

[CHRISTIAN]: Well, that’s tricky. I don’t really know. I guess I’d have to feel kind of bad for them or something.

[OFF CAMERA]: Did you ever try to kill someone but by accident that person survived?


[OFF CAMERA]: Has anyone ever been injured or hospitalized because of your homicidal actions?


[OFF CAMERA]: And what was that?

[CHRISTIAN]: This kid Josh who used to bully me. Broke his arm. Broke his elbow, I dislocated it.

[OFF CAMERA]: Has anyone ever been hospitalized because you tried to kill them?

[CHRISTIAN]: I pushed a kid off of a playground thing once. It was like, I don’t
know, seven feet tall? I don’t know, I guess I was sort of pissed off at him. So I pushed him.

[OFF CAMERA]: Were you having thoughts, it’s fine with you if he died?

[CHRISTIAN]: I don’t think I really wanted him to die. I guess I wanted to get my message across.

[OFF CAMERA]: Have you ever deliberately killed someone?


[OFF CAMERA]: Ever been hospitalized or incarcerated, locked up because you killed someone?

[CHRISTIAN]: I have been hospitalized. But that was just for, broke my ankle.

[OFF CAMERA]: Have you ever had thoughts of killing somebody and at the time you were drunk, intoxicated?

[CHRISTIAN]: Well, one time I was shooting guns with Dan. I was a little, just a little bit drunk. And I was waving this Smith & Wesson around. It was a cool one, it was a really old, classic one. And I actually almost shot Dan in the back, but not on purpose. I was just waving it around. But it went off and it hit the ceiling, and a bunch of dust and wall, it all came down.

[OFF CAMERA]: Have you ever had thoughts about killing someone, and at the time you were hallucinating, like hearing things, seeing things that weren’t there?


[OFF CAMERA]: So, having thoughts of hurting people or killing people, does that interfere with school or relationships, anything like that?


[OFF CAMERA]: Do you have any general medical illnesses that may cause you to be violent or kill somebody?



[CHRISTIAN]: I guess that can make me pretty homicidal. Some people.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you take any medications or drugs that could make you more violent?

[CHRISTIAN]: I don’t use drugs.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you have any family members or friends who have ever killed anyone?

[CHRISTIAN]: Well, my grandpa was in World War II.

[OFF CAMERA]: Any other outside of wars?

[CHRISTIAN]: No. I mean, my uncle got into a fight, cut this guy’s face
wide open with a bottle. Didn’t die.

[OFF CAMERA]: What are the stresses and worries you think that lead to you being more likely to be violent?

[CHRISTIAN]: Say again?

[OFF CAMERA]: What kind of stresses or worries do you have that can push you toward being violent?

[CHRISTIAN]: I don’t know, I guess it just really depends on the people who piss me off.

[OFF CAMERA]: And is there anything you’ve tried to relieve stresses or worries that might harm people who piss you off?

[CHRISTIAN]: Broken stuff, shot stuff.