Healthy Thinking Assessment Series 2

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-6

Susie is a sophomore in college, who suffers from depression that was diagnosed by her psychiatrist father. At home, her parents often argue, which weighs on Susie who sometimes believes her mental health is the underlying cause of her parents’ marital problems. Susie does not always give mature or sophisticated responses, but at times demonstrates higher, abstract thinking. At times, her responses become difficult to understand as she mumbles or drops the volume of her voice. She exhibits depression, a labile affect, and at times a bit of oppositional / combative behavior.

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-7

Susan demonstrates someone who is depressed. Despite the fact that she has depression, she is able to demonstrate a high quality of thinking. She gives thoughtful, sophisticated, and mature responses. Discussing previous difficulties, she reveals that in her recent past her thinking evolved to a higher level of sophistication.

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-8

Lisa recently had problems related to her abuse of cocaine, including custody of her child and losing her business. She admits she is struggling with her thinking and needs help. She has insight about how her thinking has been unhealthy and has led to “bad things happening in (her) life.” At the end of the interview, when again asked a question she had been asked earlier in the interview, Lisa provided a more mature answer, demonstrating she learned during the assessment.

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-9

Mrs. Bennett, a widow, is currently having some issues with her children over the future of her estate. She demonstrates someone who can give thoughtful, sophisticated, mature responses. She does not like questions that imply she may have a psychiatric problem and at times becomes uncomfortable and a bit defensive.