Healthy Thinking Assessment Series 1

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-1

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-1 Scenario 14)

Lisa, a chronic drug user, demonstrates someone who is high on drugs. She often gives either short or rambling answers that are abstract but immature and sometimes not related to the questions asked. Due to her substance abuse, Lisa has “burned out,” exhibiting poor concentration with poor insight. She is pessimistic and hopeless.

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-2

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-2 (Scenario 21B)
Mike, at times can give thoughtful, sophisticated, mature responses, and at other times gives very brief answers, especially when the questions are complicated, perhaps demonstrating his difficulty with ADHD symptoms. Mike speaks in an even, calm, and full range of appropriate affect.

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-3

Mrs. Davis has recently been having difficulty with her adopted daughter, Katie, who was diagnosed with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder. With a very even, well-rounded affect, Mrs. Davis provides thoughtful, sophisticated, and mature responses. She exhibited difficulty with concentration once but offered great insight into this and the reasons why.

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-4

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-4 (Scenario 22A)
Peter demonstrates someone who has ADHD and sometimes gives short answers and other times rambles, but still manages to give answers that demonstrate sophisticated, mature thinking. Peter provides clear insight and is good at clarifying his answers.

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-5

Healthy Thinking Assessment A-5 (Scenario 22C)
Evelyn, a math teacher, talks about her ADHD in a calm, full-range of appropriate affect. She demonstrates someone who can give thoughtful, sophisticated, and mature responses.