Gun Safety Assessment Series

Gun Safety Assessment A-1

Gun Safety Assessment A-1 Christian recently got in trouble at school for making threats online and making threats in class toward another classmate. During questioning, Christian admits to firing weapons with his friend Dan on the weekends. His family does not own guns but he has ready access to various firearms from Dan. He has thought about killing other people and killing animals, although he has not acted upon those impulses.

Gun Safety Assessment A-2

Gun Safety Assessment A-2 Ricardo has had a long history with firearms. He claims he personally does not own any guns, but has access to his mom’s boyfriend’s gun. He also reports he has access to a gun in his car, at home, and from his friends. He admits that in the past he had thoughts about shooting other people and was involved in confrontations that involved firearms.

Gun Safety Assessment A-3

Gun Safety Assessment A-3 Dan is a victim of bullying at school. In the past he has taken action to get “revenge” on the girl who teased him. He also reports that he made plans to harm others but did not carry through on his thoughts. Dan’s parents own a gun that is locked up but Dan claims that despite of those precautions he has access to the firearm. During further questioning, Dan admits to suicidal thoughts and describes that he pointed a gun at himself. He then dismisses this by saying that he just wanted to see how that action felt.

Gun Safety Assessment A-4

Gun Safety Assessment A-4 Chase recently lost his girlfriend in a violent incident. Since then he has acquired a gun and taught himself to use it. He keeps the firearm with him wherever he goes. Chase reports that he had a confrontation during which he used the firearm but ultimately did not pull the trigger.

Gun Safety Assessment A-5

Gun Safety Assessment A-5 Sam recently got in trouble for injuring another student in response to his being harassed and bullied. During questioning, Sam reveals that his father owns a gun and that he knows that the gun is locked in his father’s closet. He reports he has never desired to harm himself with a gun but has had vague thoughts about harming others.

Gun Safety Assessment A-6

Gun Safety Assessment A-6 Jessica is a police officer with access to firearms both at home and at work. She recently dealt with some tragic circumstances at work that created feelings of anger and guilt. In the past she used her weapon while on duty and reports that she once fired upon a suspect. She denies, however, that she is at risk of harming herself.

Gun Safety Assessment A-7

Gun Safety Assessment A-7 Virgil, a police officer, has been around firearms since he was a child. At home Virgil has access to a variety of firearms that he owns in his personal collection. He has been involved in a variety of incidents related to firearms while on duty and recently witnessed a violent incident at work. His distress over witnessing the incident led to his involvement in a car crash as he drove away from the violent scene.

Gun Safety Assessment A-8

Gun Safety Assessment A-8 Chris, a heroin addict, arrived at the emergency room after relapsing and attempting to kill himself through an overdose. While answering questions during the gun safety assessment, Chris denies that he has ever owned or used a gun. Upon further questioning, Chris admits to having accidentally fired a weapon that was given to him by a friend.