Gil, Core Video: Bipolar I Disorder, Current or Most Recent Episode Hypomanic, Part 3

A middle-aged man has rapid, pressured speech and an elated affect. He often is silly in the interview, singing and making puns, jumping from topic to topic. He reports great concentration but when asked about reading he say he does not have time for reading because he has concerts in his head and abundant, rapid thoughts about inventions to make. He describes his thinking as being as fast as “jet blasts.” He says he is unable to organize to write down his ideas. When asked about dangerousness, he jumps to talking about sex, saying he has much promiscuous sex. He demonstrates dangerousness, saying he insulted strangers who then hit him in the face. He also told of impulsive buying because money told him to buy objects.

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OFF CAMERA: [00:00:29] How did your aunt think of your playing violin lecturing farmers.

GIL: [00:00:34] She hates it she hates everything she creates music creates knowledge. She eats everything.

GIL: [00:00:38] I can’t talk to her. See that’s the thing I can’t talk to her.

GIL: [00:00:41] I can talk to her actually but she just sits there with her pierced face like a you know they exorcist, like that like a at Halloween face that you see like can scream that movie you know it’s like I can’t stand him farmers say anything about how they liked or disliked your lectures. You know what.

GIL: [00:01:03] They can go to hell they if they if they can’t handle my constructive criticism. Things go to hell I can’t tell them what to do. FARMER You know they’re not paying attention anyway.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:11] Uh-huh. How is your concentration.

GIL: [00:01:13] Great great fantastic.

GIL: [00:01:15] I mean.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:15] How is your concentration when you’re say reading a newspaper or listening to the radio watching the news reading magazines.

GIL: [00:01:23] No no no no I don’t have time to read. Who has time to read. I got concerts going on in my head. Things I have to do on Centry I can’t read read.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:32] Yeah I read.

GIL: [00:01:34] Mean really.

GIL: [00:01:34] I mean there are so many things I read that I can’t get to them too much time I got things going on I’ve got inventions to make things I’m working on right now all the time I get something in my garage right now then we’re going to like them. You know like the Leonardo DiCaprio guy. He’s got other things DaVinci him too. These are things that people don’t know they don’t like. Their brains aren’t big enough to understand what this is going to be.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:59] So you don’t read.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:00] so you don’t read I don’t know.

GIL: [00:02:02] I can’t have no time to read.

GIL: [00:02:03] I do get symphonies to put on an art.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:07] Are your ideas playing out fast in your head.

GIL: [00:02:10] Yeah I you know I’m always like ask this question and I’m trying to tell people how this is. It’s crazy. It’s you probably can’t get it. But it’s so fast it’s like like a jet. Like a nuclear blast flying out of my head. It’s crazy I can’t control it can you control your. Can you think fast right now. Like think fast. If you think fast think faster than that. I mean I can’t I can’t I couldn’t control myself.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:33] Are you able to write down all these ideas.

GIL: [00:02:36] No I can’t. I mean I don’t have any time I. I’m working on stuff like I said a year.

GIL: [00:02:42] I got shows that I’m doing my writing music.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:45] Did do all these ideas ever lead you toward doing anything you regret or doing anything dangerous.

GIL: [00:02:54] Like sex youre talking about.

GIL: [00:02:56] I mean what did they really talk about sex. Why did the characters always go. Every time they come in they’re like how’s your sex and your sex.

GIL: [00:03:01] Priest psychiatrists like to do the what are they. That’s none of your business it’s creepy why would you even ask any.

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:06] Any regrets.

GIL: [00:03:07] Well no no no. Oh hell no.

GIL: [00:03:10] I have no regrets about sex. Especially in New York. I had a lot of sex in New York. No regrets at all. You know it’s a funny thing Indiana when I was down there and sex is much better than me because they’re low key. They have trailers there that you can just walk in and out of and have sex. But L.A. is same old same old crap in L.A. It’s x x x x it’s all the same but don’t you know don’t tell my aunt. If you see my aunt don’t tell her because she’d have a how she would have have or whatever. Yeah that’s an expression I come up with. I do. I have expressions a lot of expressions at places such as such as the like. The boy is slower than an Airstream being pulled up by a VW bug. I mean I just thought of that actually because I’m a genius and I said that before I said it to this man this farmer and about his son because

GIL: [00:03:59] kind of slow. In the end he just literally got so pissed off he punched me right in the face like punch me in the face like my jaw

GIL: [00:04:07] Aha. It was kind of like like TMJ GM Jack.

OFF CAMERA: [00:04:10] TMJ.

GIL: [00:04:11] You know that was ridiculous.

GIL: [00:04:13] If you.

OFF CAMERA: [00:04:14] Have you run into any difficulty managing money.

GIL: [00:04:18] No money no money manages itself on its own or on its own due time.

OFF CAMERA: [00:04:24] What do you mean.

GIL: [00:04:27] Money. You know like when you’re in Vegas you kind of like it. It talks to you. He just talks to me like crazy like I was out there. I was I was at the store and I was trying to buy this and it was this phallic symbols Obama statue thing you put under piano and stuff it was like that. And then when I went to Kentucky or New Orleans where was I. Oh and there was this there was this Sitting Bull Obama statue and the money said by that by that statue. And you know I obeyed what they say obey my hands.

GIL: [00:04:59] My aunt wants me to ship me off. You shouldn’t go on the airport and ship me off back home. She is just like that ship. You are crazy. You know FedEx me back home.

GIL: [00:05:10] Time for that. I mean you really don’t. I mean who does. I mean I would go home in an airplane. But I think that it would be hard because you have to you know part.