Gil, Core Video: F31.0 Bipolar I Disorder, Current or Most Recent Episode Hypomanic, Part 2

A middle-aged man has rapid, pressured speech and an elated affect. He often is silly in the interview, singing and making puns, jumping from topic to topic. He has grandiose ideas about his talents, claiming he gives violin concerts in the NY subways, “transporting people” who are listening, playing music that he composed. He is difficult to redirect. He reports decreased sleep, only needing three hours per night. He demonstrates poor judgment, reporting he told farmers how to farm, and tells the interviewer how he should redecorate his lobby.

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GIL: [00:00:27] You know luck luck luck luck luck. Be a lady tonight. Luck be a lady tonight. You know Frank Sinatra used to sing that, he’s great. He had like a little wife I remember as crazy and very small wife. It was weird. It was really good. Now it’s Tony Bennett.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:44] You told me about it.

GIL: [00:00:45] Would you pay attention. I mean he’s underappreciated. I mean I people don’t you know.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:50] You said.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:51] They said something about concerts so you were giving concerts.

GIL: [00:00:54] Yeah I am I did that I just went to New York City. I did St. Louis. I did Atlantic City and I did all those little farming community those really populated farming communities in Indiana.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:05] Oh.

GIL: [00:01:05] Yeah. Yeah and now I’m doing this concert here at MacArthur Park. Someone came out in Wilshire Blvd. but there’s you know the problem is there’s so many homeless people there so it’s kind of like giving away. And I heard you get up at home.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:18] Where did you play in New York City.

GIL: [00:01:20] And you when you’re talking in New York City.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:22] Right.

GIL: [00:01:23] Well this is the subway Don’t. Seriously don’t judge me. But really you don’t understand. It was great because I get rocking and rolling down there and the buses would just show up and all these people would come to see me. It was great. The doors would open. It was amazing. I I like that.

GIL: [00:01:40] I think they transported them to like you know Vienna Scotland and then then there’s the you know Carnegie Hall in New York City where they would never.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:51] How was it you came to select New York City.

GIL: [00:01:54] New York City was because my aunt the rich fat rich aunt she would bring me here on her trips and that you know I’ve come along to see the relatives and family and why she you know she’d go up up up up at the blabbing around sugar coffee tea or me or whatever like that and I would go and I would do my concerts I would set up and do all my concerts. And it would be amazing. And I wanted to be. I wanted to paint for the museums too. I went to pay for the galleries. You know how great that in New York City is crazy you can’t do all that stuff in one trip you know there’s no possible way. You know what I’ll get back there.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:23] So what.

GIL: [00:02:24] Am I going to teach them because that’s art museums are crap. They are the art in there is just.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:28] So what music

GIL: [00:02:29] You saw dated.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:30] When you were playing music what music were you play.

GIL: [00:02:33] My own.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:34] Your own.

GIL: [00:02:34] And all these symphonies just keep whirling around in my brain. And that impresses people and impresses everyone you know. It’s beautiful. It’s magic. It’s beautiful. Beautiful dream of her. Oh and you know Christina Aguilera whenever she sang that song. I wish that I wish I was beautiful.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:55] How much of your time how much how much of your time do you spend playing music.

GIL: [00:03:03] Every waking hour and then more. So there you go.

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:07] So how was your sleep.

GIL: [00:03:10] Sleep. What do you have time for sleep. Do you sleep really deep sleep.

GIL: [00:03:16] Three hours is all I need. Three hours is all I can need. I don’t need him or that. And you don’t when I was in Indiana. I found it really hard not to hold back but I was I had to technically tell these backwoods people how to farm. They didn’t even know how to farm down there. They call them farmers but they don’t know how to farm. I mean the plants were upside down so stupid.

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:38] So you’re telling the farmers how to farm.

GIL: [00:03:40] Yeah.

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:40] How did they react to that.

GIL: [00:03:43] Embarrassed. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed. They’re supposed to be farmers.

[00:03:49] It’s crazy. The lobby here is crazy because you know. I used to watch a show in the 90s her 70s. It’s like a designer’s challenge type thing and they would actually give you 20 bucks. Five dollars three dollars and you could fix the whole room up that fast. You think you should do that. I actually wrote that I jotted down a whole bunch of little notes that I could fix. I could fix this for.

OFF CAMERA: [00:04:10] Lobby uh huh.

GIL: [00:04:11] Oh my God yes it would be great. I mean I have the notes I have the notes on them.

GIL: [00:04:15] I mean I don’t have them. You should look at them seriously. You should look at them would be better for you.