Gil, Core Video: Bipolar I Disorder, Current or Most Recent Episode Hypomanic, Part 1

A middle-aged man has rapid, pressured speech and an elated affect. He has grandiose ideas about his talents, claiming he self-taught himself to play the violin and reports rapidly jumping from one activity to another with enormous energy and enthusiasm for two months. He often is silly in the interview, singing and making puns, jumping from topic to topic.

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OFF CAMERA: [00:00:28] I see I see from your chart that you were depressed three months ago treated for depression.

GIL: [00:00:35] No see that’s a lie. I mean that that is totally somebody out. I’m different than that I’m I feel like wonderful for my style I can’t have a thing about it is wonderful now has a wonderful wonderful feel.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:48] Gil, GIl.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:49] How long have you felt wonderful forever.

GIL: [00:00:52] Pretty much forever and I’ve been taking up the violin playing everywhere by teammates here.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:58] By taking up the violin by taking it up do you mean you’re playing a new instrument.

GIL: [00:01:04] Two months it’s all two months old up for me and I’m fantastic. Now I’m really really good at it.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:10] Did you take lessons.

GIL: [00:01:11] I’m not surprised I didn’t have to. It comes naturally.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:15] You learned to play in just two months.

GIL: [00:01:17] You know. You know like that it was very easy for me and I know some people have to go to less lesson after lesson as the lead in the right coaches like you’ve got to do this you got all the bar problem bouncing ball.

GIL: [00:01:26] For me it’s very easy like I have to do is you have to do is dig like way down into my stomach and there’s music waiting down there and then they just rip it out and then everybody you know it’s out there for everyone to see and everybody really is appreciating it and that’s it you know I know myself.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:39] I know you’re tired very fast you’re full of a lot of energy and yet three months ago you could barely mumble a few words at a time like I said.

GIL: [00:01:48] That was not me at all.

GIL: [00:01:49] OK who was that person but you know this is who I am musically. Everything is wonderfully wonderful like I like I’m happy. It’s like a bedbug. But my grandma my grandmother used to say that when I was a kid all the time but you know what bugs can’t be as happy as I am I don’t think it’s even humanly possible. It’s not humanly insects. Yeah they are. I don’t think they smile. I see them. I don’t know.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:13] happy for two months having energy.

GIL: [00:02:17] OH MY GOD. Enormous. Everything. Everything is enormous. Most everything is an armor’s you know.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:21] Every day.

GIL: [00:02:25] Every single day every every every every single traveler la la la la la de you know I’m lucky I’m lucky that I’m able to knowledge it and then I can tell you. So it’s kind of like I’m just lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky Luck Be A Lady to. Know. That. Frank Sinatra used to say hi jealous of Italian guy from these great, excellent but he’s there’s. There’s just there’s a new guy now he’s been around I guess stupid he’s older and he’s really good he’s like he sings with other people easily he’s got like a couple of little boy groups. He does duets a duet album with Lady Gaga.

OFF CAMERA: [00:03:05] Tony Bennett.