Gil, Core Video: Bipolar I Disorder, Current or Most Recent Episode Hypomanic, Part 4

A middle-aged man has rapid, pressured speech and rapidly shifting affects. When asked what he meant about “money speaking to him,” he becomes defensive and begins rhyming (clang associations). He becomes tangential, often not making sense. He reports he has auditory hallucinations that comfort him and which he sees as a gift.

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OFF CAMERA: [00:00:29] You said the money speaks to you.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:31] You mean literally.

GIL: [00:00:35] OK so you think I’m lying I’m not lying. OK. Why would you think that there’s something my aunt would say stuff like that.

GIL: [00:00:42] I’m not really liking you very much anymore.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:45] I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:47] No I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but I was just confused. Can you please explain to me what you meant when you said speaks to you. Money speaks to you.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:56] I’m still not clear.

GIL: [00:00:57] You can get this. This is really easy. Like you get these round balls you get these little cylinders and stuff like that is something you can hold in your hand usually find in stores. You rocks. You put you put him up to your ear you hear these pulses pulsating right back and you’re they’re connecting with me. Basically we’re connecting with each other. There’s an understanding we both know it’s the same with life right there it’s the same with life you know the connection between the Earth and you.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:21] and what did you do with these connections and understanding.

GIL: [00:01:27] Conquer the universe right. That’s the they say the universe to say that that’s not supposed to do is knowledge right. Conquering the universe. Everything’s a verse everything everything’s in verses like music right. Bersi the two word there are the same they’re lame but they’re the same really.

GIL: [00:01:42] You know put the blame on me. I mean it’s all kind of rolling. It’s like a musical. It’s like another symphony that comes right out of all of that.

GIL: [00:01:49] So I just I’m connecting to that. Now.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:54] I’m not sure I follow.

GIL: [00:01:55] Back in my head although you know it’s advanced and. It’s like that you know the Native Americans and out west we’re like this.

GIL: [00:02:06] They’re very in tune with the earth you know before we came in it ruined everything. There was a lot of the connection with the earth they know what they’re doing that is awesome and probably not as good as me.

GIL: [00:02:15] I mean now because I’ve got all this stuff together and I’ve learned how to put it in order from them. What music.

OFF CAMERA: [00:02:20] Do you ever hear voices in your head when no one is around.

GIL: [00:02:25] Yes think you do. I hear everything. Everyone here today. I mean I can hear everything. It’s amazing. That’s how I connect it to. It’s a level of understanding it’s basically comfort. You know it’s pretty much I’m right there I’m just totally I.

GIL: [00:02:41] You’re everything I told you that I don’t do that before.

GIL: [00:02:45] It’s a I don’t know it’s I’m at the point where I can actually say to you and say to everyone that it’s a gift and I’m I’m gifted. So that’s pretty much like I’m gifted.

GIL: [00:02:57] I mean that’s it. Bottom line. I mean it’s easy.