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Mental Health Nursing Library

Anna, Adolescent Dyslexia

Visibly anxious, high school teenager Anna starts off the interview divulging that she’s not happy and “Mondays are hard.” Anna currently has headaches and her


Chase, Schizophrenia, Psychotic Episode, Auditory Hallucination without Paranoia

While Chase talks to the interviewer he occasionally bursts out laughing and

Claire, Opioid Use Disorder, Depression Assessment

Claire describes her mood as decent though lately she feels more overwhelmed than passionate about her work.  Claire used to love to read,

Dan, Adolescent Cannabis Use

Dan, teen, currently exhibits signs of moderate cannabis intoxication.  Dan tells the nurse that he sometimes drives under the influence of marijuana, and it’s apparent

hypersexuality disorder

Jessica, Bipolar I, Current Manic State and Remarkable Hypersexuality

The female patient, Jessica, is in a manic state with high physical energy and

Mr. Smith, Dementia, Suspect Vascular

Mr. Smith is an 80 year old male living with his son and daughter in-law after having a stroke (no residual).  Mr. Smith’s recent memory is impaired

Natalie, Adolescent Depression

Natalie exhibits a flat, nearly blank expression, makes poor eye contact and often seems on the verge of tears.  Natalie is here because she told her dad that

Paul, Adolescent Depression

Paul, late teens, exudes all the confidence on the outside that he lacks on the inside.   Deep pain lurks beneath every smile. Paul reveals that he watched

Ryan, Adolescent Panic Disorder

Ryan was brought to the hospital after having a panic attack in the parking lot of a movie theater, during which he felt he was going to die.

Scott, Bipolar II

Scott, a male chef working for a family of 2 adults and 4 children was brought into the hospital by his boyfriend after exhibiting hypomania, intrusive behavior,

Susan, Alzheimer’s Dementia

Susan is 75 years old, young looking Caucasian female, with advanced stage Alzheimer’s Dementia.  She exhibits agitation, poor judgment,