Drug and Alcohol Assessment Series

Drug and Alcohol Assessment 1

Drug and Alcohol AssessmentIn this drug and alcohol assessment, Ali is a coffee drinker who used to smoke cigarettes and currently smokes marijuana on occasion. She does not use street drugs and can’t remember if she ever tried them in the past. A month or two ago, during a stressful period, she tried taking Xanax from a friend’s prescription and found it to be relaxing. After taking the pills for a week she never asked a doctor for her own prescription to continue taking the opioid. Several years ago she “dabbled” in diet pills and has been thinking about taking them again now that she is dating.

Drug and Alcohol Assessment 2

Drug Alcohol AssessmentIn this drug and alcohol assessment tool, Cooper drinks a lot of beer, whatever is available, typically on a daily basis. He tried marijuana once but did not like it. He has not used other substances like cocaine, meth, heroin, or opiates. Primarily, Cooper takes whatever medication is prescribed. In the past, he tried muscle relaxers for his back pain but stopped because he did not like the way it made him feel. Cooper also tried his ex-girlfriends sleeping pills but did not pursue getting a prescription of his own as they were not effective. Cooper has never been treated for addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Assessment 3

Drug Alcohol Assessment
A middle-aged man has rapid, pressured speech and labile shifting affects compatible with bipolar disorder. His speech is sometimes tangential, not making sense. During a substance use assessment, he reports he drinks alcohol every day but only on weekends, in a way that makes it unclear if he is a good historian. He endorses that his judgment is not good when he drinks. Gil reports both blacking out and passing out. He reports he hears symphonies when he recovers. He denies driving when he drinks and denies medical problems due to drinking alcohol. Gil reports using cannabis and seeing pictures, but denies they are hallucinations. He reports cannabis makes his racing thoughts even faster, but then slows his thoughts for the following day. Gil denies opiate, IV drug, or stimulants use. Middle aged man reports having been in rehabilitation for alcohol use. He reports good health, eating well, but strangely claims this is due to his drinking alcohol.