DAST Screening Tool Series

DAST Screening Tool 1

DAST Screening ToolIn this DAST screening tool, from the DAST questionnaire we learn Arnie first began drinking alcohol around age 16 or 17. Currently, Arnie drinks beer and hard liquor (when at parties). Arnie smokes marijuana but only when he’s at work in order to cope with the stress of his job. He tried cocaine once in college and has never done heroin or amphetamines. Arnie has been taking Oxycontin for the last two years. He was originally prescribed Dilaudid for his injury. People have been concerned enough in the past that he has been asked if he wants to be checked in to rehab.

DAST Screening Tool 2

DAST Screening Tool

Cynthia currently takes opioid medications for pain that hasn’t been prescribed. She claims that these medications would have been prescribed for her if she saw a doctor. She takes oxycontin weekly when she can access the medication and self medicates for anxiety with Xanax two to three times a week. Cynthia describes her alcohol consumption as limited to special occasions, such as holidays, birthdays or events with friends, which is two to three times a week. How much Cynthia consumes on these occasions will depend on whom she is with. Cynthia says she will not take methamphetamines, does take Adderall, occasionally uses cocaine, and takes marijuana medically to help alleviate her headaches. Sometimes Cynthia will use multiple drugs at the same time. Cynthia’s parents have expressed to her their repeated concerns about her drug use and has subsequently lost custody of her child.

DAST Screening Tool 3

DAST Screening Tool
Nicole occasionally drinks alcohol, has tried marijuana but did not like it, and does not use cocaine, amphetamines, heroin or take any pills other than Adderall. Eventually, Nicole admits that she uses Oxycontin, 15mg three times a day for pain, which is why she came in to see a clinician. She does drink alcohol while taking the Oxys and finds she is unable to stop taking the opioids. Nicole feels guilty at what she’s been doing to her body.