Adolescent Cannabis Use

Dan, teen, currently exhibits signs of moderate cannabis intoxication.  Dan tells the nurse that he sometimes drives under the influence of marijuana, and it’s apparent that he’s under the influence with his blood shot eyes and a slur to his words.  Dan describes a pattern of cannabis use, often vaping to “level out,” or taking a hit from a bong or edibles, and has been doing so since he was thirteen, almost every day.  Dan was recently expelled from school, he says primarily because of his grades, but he was also caught selling pot.  Dan has held previous jobs but was fired so he now “delivers” pot for a dispensary in exchange for marijuana.  Dan insists that he uses pot primarily for anxiety and that when he’s not using he feels stressed out with school, his mom’s expectation, and generally with everything.  When Dan is stressed, he can’t sleep.  Dan’s mother has become concerned that Dan has been using more pot ever since the family tragedy where Dan’s father committed suicide.  Dan admits that he is depressed and using marijuana helps him cope with his loss and get through the day.  In addition, Dan is fearful that he may be having visions like his father had, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia.