1.4 Patient Rapport Building

Patient Rapport Building

  • During the medical history taking, you will gather specific pieces of information.
  • Set the stage for the interview by building rapport with the patient.
  • There are some simple rapport-building techniques you can use:
    • Listening: When obtaining a medical history from the patient, use empathetic and reflective listening.
    • Dignity: Maintain the patient’s dignity and privacy.
    • Autonomy: Respect the patient’s autonomy when obtaining the medical history.
    • Objectivity: As a medical provider, remain objective and professional in the interactions between you and the patient.
    • Demographics: Take into consideration the patient’s age and gender, and culture.
  • You’ll continue to build rapport throughout the interview, which should begin by asking open-ended questions.
  • Ask questions that will encourage the patient to engage in conversation. Then, focus on the specific information you want to gather.
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