3.2 Key Takeaways – Cognitive Deficiency

Key Takeaways

  • Elder abuse and neglect across individuals with dementia or cognitive impairment may occur because of lack of education and skills about coping with dementia.
  • Awareness that care recipient behavioral problems and caregiver burden are two prominent factors associated with potentially harmful behaviors and all forms of abuse.
  • Awareness regarding Caregivers of older adults experience significant physical, emotional, and financial burden, which is associated with poor physical and mental health.
  • Provide reassurance, assesses safety, and provide information that what is discussed within the examination will be held in confidence and will not be shared with family members or caregivers.
  • Listen and communicate in a non-confrontational and supportive way.
  • Seek permission before touching and allow silence to provide ample time for the patient to respond when comfortable.
  • Assisting family caregivers manage the caregiving situation and their expectation, providing positive appraisal and cognitive restructuring may help prevent elder abuse.
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