Demo Chapter – Onset and Duration of Symptoms

Onset and Duration of Symptoms (5)

  • Onset:
    • The onset of symptoms depends on the cause and may be acute or subacute.
      • Psychiatric:
        • Mood disorder.
        • Psychotic disorder.
      • Medical:
        • Neurotoxin exposure.
        • Infection.
        • Insult to brain.
  • Duration:
    • The course of the symptoms also depend on the cause.
      • Can be transient.
      • Can be chronic.
        • Often seen in patients with schizophrenia.
(5) Moore, D. P. & Jefferson, J. W. (2004). Catatonia. In handbook of medical psychiatry, 2nd ed. St. Louis, mo: mosby, pp. 292-293.