Opioid Use Disorder, Depression Assessment

Claire describes her mood as decent though lately she feels more overwhelmed than passionate about her work.  Claire used to love to read, but she attributes her poor eyesight for not enjoying that activity lately.  Becoming tearful, Claire opens up about having spent so much energy being a mother that she’s fearful what her role will be when her kids go to college.  Furthermore, her mother’s health is declining and her she worries her husband, who has been spending a lot of time away from home, will leave her.  Claire is able to sleep thanks to taking a pill before bed.  During the day, she is lacking in energy because her activity level is minimal.  Since she’s stopped working and mainly stays home watching television and going on the internet, Claire has gained thirty pounds.  Claire’s mom has been critical of her use of Lortabs and drinking alcohol, which Claire believes helps her to hold everything together.  By the end of the interview, Claire says she’s tired of letting her family down.