Alcohol Use Assessment A-1

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Alcohol Use Assessment A-3

Alcohol Use Assessment A-4

CAGE Questions A-1

Diane, in her mid 40s, displays signs of excessive alcohol consumption. She appears a bit combative and alludes to being stressed by family difficulties.

CAGE Questions A-2

Brad, a teenager, does not limit his alcohol consumption. He expresses anger at people who try to limit his consumption and does not feel guilty about the level of his consumption.

CAGE Questions A-3

Doctor Mason tried to limit his consumption of alcohol but did not have success. He currently finds himself drinking more than usual and admits to losing relationships because of his level of consumption. Although he wishes he could stop, he feels he cannot. He admits that occasionally in the morning he consumes alcohol before he […]

CAGE Questions A-4

Ray firmly believes his alcohol consumption is not anyone’s problem but his own. He does not feel he drinks to excess and has no guilt over his level of consumption.

CAGE Questions A-5

Virgil expresses a problem with over-drinking, but only when it comes to coffee.

CAGE Questions A-6

Charlie tried to limit his alcohol consumption during certain social occasions. When people express that he drinks too much he dismisses their concerns, explaining: “they don’t know.”

CAGE Questions A-7

Joe admits to over drinking during his past, but says that generally he can handle his booze. Joe feels he is in control and therefore has no reason to get angry at people who claim he is out of control. When asked if he ever drinks a breakfast beer, he says he finds there is […]

CAGE Questions A-8

Mrs. Johnson has directly witnessed the effects from alcohol upon her birth family and is determined she will not expose her own children to the same upbringing. Therefore, she empathically states that she does not and will not drink alcohol.

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