AUDIT Assessment Tool Series

AUDIT Assessment Tool 1

In this AUDIT Assessment Tool, Ali is here to speak with the clinician at this treatment facility for substances at the behest of her employer. Ali typically drinks four or more times a week and three or four drinks at a time. On the weekends she will “let loose” and drink more to help forget current problems in her personal life. Ali consistently minimizes the impact of her drinking and repeatedly returns to her performance at work which she insists is unaffected by her level of alcohol consumption. Ali admits that it is hard to stop drinking but associates that with alcohol’s ability to help her feel relaxed, not as a result of any addiction. In the past year, Ali has engaged in several arguments as a result of being drunk that resulted in injuries, including one hospital visit. Again, Ali feels that this hospitalization is not an issue as it was only a single occurrence. One of Ali’s closest friends has suggested she seek treatment for her substance use.

AUDIT Assessment Tool 2

AUDIT Assessment ToolOn a typical day, Greg will consume one to two alcoholic drinks and will occasionally drink six or more if he’s out in a social situation with friends.  Greg has never been in trouble related to his alcohol use nor felt guilty over the amount he drinks.  However, in hindsight, Greg sometimes wishes that he ended nights earlier in order to avoid excessive drinking.  In college, Greg drank heavily and almost injured himself but he insists those days are over.

AUDIT Assessment Tool 3

AUDIT Assessment ToolMrs. Collins initially denies consuming any alcohol only to later admit to drinking at least two or three glasses of wine at dinner, every night. Mrs. Collins has experienced several instances where she could not stop her alcohol consumption, but excuses those incidents as a result of various social engagements. Approximately once a week, Mrs. Collins will be impaired the next day as a result of her drinking the prior night and at least once a month she wakes up unable to remember the events around her drinking. Mrs. Collins has injured herself in the past but claims that incident was an accident unrelated to her drinking at the time it occurred.

AUDIT Assessment Tool 4

Nicole drinks several times a week, preferring rum and cokes or beer. When home, Nicole often consumes one or two drinks and more when out with friends. The last time Nicole consumed six or more drinks was in Las Vegas, a couple months ago. Nicole believes her alcohol consumption has not interfered with her daily life.