Alcohol Assessment Tools Series

Alcohol Assessment A-1

In this alcohol assessment tool, Parker appears to have some alcohol related issues. He often underestimates to other people how much he drinks, how often he skips meals, and about his experiences of having black outs. He admits to drinking to relieve stresses and loneliness. Other people have expressed concern to him about his level of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Assessment A-2

Alcohol Assessment ToolsKaren admits to a recent increase in her alcohol consumption, drinking three to four glasses of wine per day. She reports that she does not blackout, but that she has passed out once or twice in the past few months. Karen feels that her drinking is under control, and similar to her father, she is a “happy drunk.” She does not believe that is a problem. Recently, Karen separated from her husband and has been dealing with her son’s behavioral problems. As the interview progresses, Karen becomes visibly upset about the recent stresses in her life, but denying that her alcohol consumption is a problem.

Alcohol Assessment A-3

Alcohol Assessment Tools Amanda describes a pattern of planning her nightly alcohol consumption: four drinks per evening. She describes how she developed strategies for consuming alcohol in the mornings so it does not negatively impact her. Other people have expressed to her that she drinks to excess, but their criticisms annoy her. She regrets that she drinks in the mornings, but her regret is quickly forgotten. Amanda admits that she seems to have a greater tolerance for alcohol than do other people.

Alcohol Assessment A-4

Alcohol Assessment Tools

Carl describes drinking a limited amount of alcohol several times a month, noticing that he has a low tolerance for alcohol. He reports that he never has more than four drinks at any given time, and reports he only drank to excess once this year. In the past, Carl had an incident in which he was injured because of his drinking, but he does not elaborate.