Adjustment Anxiety Disorder CE Course Preview

Alcohol Assessment A-1

Parker appears to have some alcohol related issues.  He often underestimates to other people how much he drinks, how often he skips meals, and about his experiences of having black outs.  He admits to drinking to relieve stresses and loneliness.  Other people have expressed concern to him about his level of alcohol consumption.

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[OFF CAMERA]: Parker, thanks for coming back to talk with me today.

[PARKER]:No problem.

[OFF CAMERA]: So I’m gonna just ask you a few questions off this little questionnaire here. This first one is about alcohol.


[OFF CAMERA]: Ten questions first. When talking with others, do you ever underestimate how much you drink?

[PARKER]:Yeah. Yeah.

[OFF CAMERA]: After a few drinks, have you sometimes not eaten or been able to skip a meal because you didn’t feel hungry?

[PARKER]:Not hungry from drinking?


[PARKER]:Yeah. Not often, but yeah. It’s happened.

[OFF CAMERA]: Does having a few drinks help decrease your shakiness or tremors?

[PARKER]:Yeah. Yeah, only sometimes. But yeah.

[OFF CAMERA]: Okay. Does alcohol sometimes make it hard for you to remember parts of the day or the night?

[PARKER]:Yeah. That’s what blacking out is.

[OFF CAMERA]: Do you usually take a drink to relax or calm your nerves?


[OFF CAMERA]: Okay. Do you drink to take your mind off problems?


[OFF CAMERA]: Have you ever increased your drinking after experiencing a loss in your life?


[OFF CAMERA]: Has a doctor or nurse ever said they were worried or concerned about your drinking?


[OFF CAMERA]: Including me, yeah?


[OFF CAMERA]: (chuckles) Okay. Have you ever made rules to manage your drinking?

[PARKER]:Mmhmm, yeah.

[OFF CAMERA]: When you feel lonely, does having a drink help?


[OFF CAMERA]: Okay. Thank you.

[PARKER]:All right.