Gertrude Nonterah, Ph.D., RN

Gertrude Nonterah, Ph.D., RN is an educator and registered nurse based in San Diego, CA. She is passionate about helping students succeed in school. Dr. Nonterah runs Nonterah Health Writing where she writes educational content for clients in the health and wellness spaces. Visit her website at

Jessica Dzubak, MSN, RN

Jessica Dzubak, MSN, RN, is the Director of Nursing Practice for the Ohio Nurses Association. She is also a freelance writer specializing in the healthcare industry. She enjoys her two dogs, which add commentary to her articles by laying their heads across the keyboard while she’s writing. Visit her website at

Rachel Nall, RN, MSN, CRNA

Rachel Nall, RN, MSN, CRNA is a CRNA at a Level I trauma center in Tennessee. She’s also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in Everyday Health, Healthline, Medical News Today, and many more health-related publications. When she’s not working at the hospital or writing, she’s reading.

Whitney Weingarten FNP-C

Whitney Weingarten FNP-C is a nurse practitioner in Atlanta, GA. With a background in primary care, women’s health, and otolaryngology, Whitney has a variety of perspectives to contribute to her patients. Whitney has a passion for preventative care and educating her patients as if they were her family.