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V62.4 Social Exclusion or Rejection

Christian is in the clinic because of recent postings he made online threatening a teacher and a classmate. Christian, who likes to write and paint, has made teachers and students in the school uncomfortable by focusing his class assignments on a notable mass shooter with whom he identifies. Having only one friend and an affinity for firearms, Christian may be at risk for violence.

This training title highlights a V-Code: Social Exclusion or Rejection. Symptoms may develop due to Social Exclusion or Rejection brought about by situations in which there is an imbalance of social power such that there is recurrent social exclusion or rejection by others. Exclusion or rejection may include bullying, teasing, and intimidation by others as well as being targeted by others for verbal abuse and humiliation. Victims may be purposefully excluded from the activities of peers, workmates, or others in one’s social environment.

This training title also highlights another V-Code: Problem Related to Lifestyle. Lifestyle may create problems that have to be addressed in treatment as well as lifestyle affecting the course, prognosis, or treaetment of a mental or other medical disorder. Examples include: lack of physical exercise, inappropriate diet, high-risk sexual behavior, and poor sleep hygiene.

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