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PTSD Brief Screening Assessment Series

PTSD Screening Assessment A-1 (Scenario 37)

PTSD Brief Screening Assessment A-1

Jessica is a police officer who confronts traumatic situations daily and thus considers herself to be desensitized to trauma. She asserts that she is not a child and thus she no longer has nightmares.

PTSD Screening Assessment A-2 (Scenario 27)

PTSD Brief Screening Assessment A-2

Chase recently survived a shooting at a gas station. He was shot twice as he tried to protect his girlfriend. His girlfriend died from her injuries. Memories of that incident continue to plague Chase. As a result he avoids gas stations.

PTSD Screening Assessment A-3 (Scenario 30)

PTSD Brief Screening Assessment A-3

Julia is a teacher whose school was recently the site of a mass shooting. Julia is quiet, withdrawn, and currently experiences nightmares. She refuses to return to the school. She describes having feelings of detachment.

PTSD Screening Assessment A-4 (Scenario 38)

PTSD Brief Screening Assessment A-4

Virgil is a police officer who recently struggles with coping to the experience of making a violent arrest.

PTSD Screening Assessment A-5 (Scenario 39)

PTSD Brief Screening Assessment A-5

Charlie is an EMT who was on call during the aftermath of a deadly hurricane. Charlie responded to many traumatic incidents. Although he purposely tries not to think about the recent tragic events, he continues to feel he is an effective EMT who remains committed to his work.

PTSD Screening Assessment A-6 (Scenario 26)

PTSD Brief Screening Assessment A-6

Mackenzie is a teenager who can’t stop thinking about her friend and classmate Lizzie’s death. Mackenzie was in the bathroom during the time a school shooter shot and killed Lizzie. Mackenzie is no longer able to attend school, is frightened by loud noises, and avoids participating in activities. She longingly says, “I used to do all sorts of stuff.”

PTSD Screening Assessment A-7 (Scenario 36)

PTSD Brief Screening Assessment A-7

Ray is a firefighter who recently lost his friend and colleague during a response to a fire. He currently experiences nightmares, avoids certain situations, is easily startled, and has feelings of detachment.

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