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February 2014

Symptom Media’s February Newsletter details four partnerships (with the International Social of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, Psi Chi, Autism Training Solutions and WeCounsel) as well as Customer Profile Karen Wall from the VA in Palo Alto, CA

Symptom Media is Proud to Announce
Four New Partnerships

(A great way to start 2014) 

ISPN is the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, whose mission is to unite and strengthen the presence and the voice of specialty psychiatric-mental health nursing while influencing health care policy to promote equitable, evidence-based and effective treatment and care for individuals, families and communities

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 with two primary purposes: 1) to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship, and 2) to advance the science of psychology. The total number of memberships registered at the Central Office is now over 600,000 lifetime members. 
Autism Training Solutions
Autism Training Solutions is the technology company dedicated to training professionals and paraprofessionals within the field of autism and related behavioral disabilities. Through unique partnerships with service providers, schools and families, Autism Training Solutions are able to film real children, across the spectrum, receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (AB) interventions within their natural environments. By combining these interactive videos with online virtual practice, data collection and supervision, Autism Training Solutions has created a dynamic approach for staff training and program management that has improved organizational operations and created new success stories in the field. 
WeCounsel Solutions is an emerging telehealth company that enables mental health providers to communicate and interact with their client in an online setting. WeCounsel’s HIPAA compliant

platform comprises a customized video conferencing interface complete with supporting practice management software creating an effective online office environment for its users.

Featured Customer of the Month 

Karen Wall is a RN (BSN, MA) with 20 years of experience working in the field of mental health. She is also a Military Veteran (US Army Maj ret), Marriage and Family Intern and Doctoral Candidate at Argosy University.

Karen shares that she uses Symptom Media’s videos as a diversified educational tool for nurses across all experience levels.” She uses the video library to teach newly licensed registered nurses about mental health and believes that Symptom Media’s Behavioral Health Film Library “is a great way for experienced nurses to review their knowledge and skills in a short, entertaining way.”  Another one of Karen’s favorite ways to use the videos is through providing education to veterans who are struggling with mental illness. 
Being able to watch the videos helps them understand their illness as an enhancement to any reading materials they receive. Many times the veteran is not able to read or listen well to a verbal or written educational resource, but they have enjoyed watching the video and being able to discuss the content with me afterwards.” She one day hopes to have Symptom Media’s library available for access in all VA hospitals “so our providers can benefit from instant, thoughtful, and accurate learning...Thank you, Symptom Media, for making my job easier!”

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