Symptom Media

Management Team

Matt Rubin, CEO & Partner

Matt Rubin brings expertise in film production, distribution, and social media marketing to Symptom Media. He has worked in creative development, film production and purchasing films for theatrical, DVD, and new media distribution. Read more »

Andrew Rubin, President & Partner

Andrew Rubin brings expertise in film production, directing and screenwriting to Symptom Media. He has written, produced and directed six short films and documentaries. Read more »

Peter Payerli

Peter Payerli, Vice President, Business Development

Peter Payerli brings extensive sales, sales leadership and operations executive experience to Symptom Media. Mr. Payerli has advanced healthcare education by leading development of Online, Video, Satellite Radio, Print and Live education formats with properties including: Archives of General Psychiatry (Now JAMA Psychiatry), Read more »